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Pop up tour

Provence is coming to you!

Gassier is heading in the direction of the four corners of France in order to unveil its new collection ‘A journey through Provence’.

The GASSIER POP UP TOUR will kick off in Aix-en-Provence, the birthplace of Provence and also of Château Gassier, and will continue its journey through a number of French towns. Stepping into this POP UP store will be like stepping into the very heart and soul of Provence and into the world of our new limited edition Esprit Gassier. The 6 favorite ‘moments’ chosen by our influencers will be represented in this store thanks to 6 different and unique decorative themes for a complete immersion into the lands of seas of Provence.

The ideal atmosphere to relax with a glass of rosé, whether it be in the shade of a camper van or on a swinging chair on the beach. The choice is yours!

Pop up Tour #1


Aix-en-Provence was the first stop of our Pop Up Tour for the launch of our new collection Esprit Gassier "A Journey in Provence".

Gassier Experience

Provence is moving one step closer to you by breathing new life into one of the oldest sports, French bowls (known as pétanque), in order to give it an original and more modern dimension. A truly unique experience awaits you. Château Gassier is the only wine domaine in Provence to offer this ultimate experience in relaxation and sharing. Discover the #gassierexperience World Tour and step into the Gassier world of rosé and Provence.



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The sommeliers students

Château Gassier is strengthening its commitment to the world of French Sommellerie with the ‘Château Gassier Challenge in Provence’, the final of which is held year after year at Château Gassier. The event is aimed at student sommeliers enrolled on a training program in France.

The objective of the Challenge is to highlight the diversity of Provence’s terroirs which serve as the main thread throughout the competition. The event is organised in collaboration with the ASAMP, (the Alpes Marseille Provence Sommellerie Association).

Year upon year, the winemakers of Provence strive to improve the quality of their work and enhance the reputation of Provence’s wines in France and throughout the world. In addition to its world renowned rosés, the region is now winning over a growing number of amateurs and experts thanks to the quality of its red and white wines.

Château Gassier, a wine domaine comprising 40 hectares of organically grown vines at the foothills of the Sainte-Victoire, has actively contributed to this dynamic since 2004.


1st edition : Daphnée Extrassiaz (Winner 2019)

2nd edition : Marie Wodecki (Winner 2020)

3nd edition : Andrea CHASSAING (Winner 2021)

4ème édition : Lou Ulian & Justine Droit (Winners 2022)

5ème édition : Noé Richard (Winner 2023)

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