Esprit Gassier


Day Night


This is not a bottle of rosé…
It is a moment to savor!

It could be seaside stroll with your friends
A romantic time on a rooftop terrace
or if you prefer, an unforgettable pool party.
In fact, this bottle is what
you decide to make of it.
Wether day or night,
the choice is yours!


Esprit Gassier makes reference to the outstanding terroir of the Sainte-Victoire. It reflects a state of mind that will accompany you throughout the sunny days and continue to charm you when the night falls. Stylish and laidback, Esprit Gassier offers a glimpse into the bohemian lifestyle. Esprit Gassier is made from a blend of Syrah, Grenache, Cinsault and Rolle. This Côtes de Provence from the Sainte-Victoire is vinified using direct pressing and fermentation at low temperatures in order to preserve the aromas in the fruit. Esprit Gassier reveals a light pink hue and notes of peach combined with delicate aromas of white flowers and white fruits.

The palate is characterised by its expressive notes of citrus fruits. Esprit Gassier makes the perfect partner for a cream of sea urchin risotto or even squid a la plancha.